The following faculty laboratories will be accepting HIP-SAT interns for the summer of 2023:

Prof. Katie Galloway’s Group

The Galloway Lab designs and builds compact, integrated synthetic circuits to improve the performance of engineered cells and enhance cellular reprogramming. Specifically, they can offer projects that integrate molecular cell biology, single-cell analytics, and computational modeling to build and analyze biological systems.


Prof. Mei Hong’s Group

The Hong Lab develops and applies magic-angle-spinning nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to elucidate the structure and dynamics of biological macromolecules. Current interest focuses on membrane proteins in infectious diseases and amyloid proteins in neurodegenerative diseases. Projects involve analysis of NMR data and complementary electron microscopy data for protein structure analysis.


Prof. Matt Shoulders’ Group

The Shoulders Lab is broadly interested in understanding protein folding in human cells, with a focus on the development of new methods to treat currently incurable, protein misfolding-related diseases. They also devise new platforms to create medically relevant biotechnologies.


Prof. Michael Strano’s Group

The Strano Lab is offering projects in the area of plant biology, medicine, and energy applications. Specifically, they are offering projects for the design and incorporation of nanoparticles into living plants for new functions such as chemical sensing, infrared communications and light emission. There are also projects on energy harvesting from ambient heat, and sensors to help treat diabetes and cancer treatment.