Summer 2024 Program

In 2024, we will be hosting 3–5 high school students from the homeschooled community for 8-week summer research internships with flexible starting and ending dates. Students will be assigned a mentor, participate in meetings to plan their projects, make scientific presentations of their work to audiences of scientists and engineers, and present their findings in a symposium in August. Projects may involve searching the scientific literature, working in the research lab, writing or utilizing a computer program or scientific software, solving mathematical equations to develop a theory, communicating with other scientists worldwide, and graphing or processing scientific data. Projects will be tailored to the skills and interests of the candidate. Students will be paid $15/hour for approximately 20 hours per week.

If you are interested in a career in science or engineering, this opportunity is a great way to gain experience and learn what it is all about. You will be directly mentored by an MIT PhD student or postdoc to participate in frontier research in chemical biology, chemistry, or engineering, gain experience in research skills, become acquainted with the scientific literature, and present at scientific meetings. Please note that the MIT HIP-SAT internship program is in-person, for local students able to commute to MIT and/or out-of-town students with an appropriate local housing situation. We can neither provide nor supervise housing arrangements. We also cannot provide any supervision outside of time spent on-campus in labs.